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Furniture Removal


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About VRX Staging

“Founded by Real Estate Pros, for Real Estate Pros!”

Mission Statement

VRX Staging’s vision is to make all current and future real estate technology available to every agent at an affordable price. Our objectives are the same as yours — impress sellers, WOW buyers, move listings quickly and sell for top dollar.

Our desire has always been to innovate. As real estate professionals, here at VRX we never stop questioning how agents can win sellers over, drive interest in listings and how we can keep our services affordable for all real estate properties. We pride ourselves on customer loyalty, delivering quality products and having a hard work ethic — just as our clients do. That’s why we offer unlimited revisions, have no hidden costs (what you see is what you get) and employ quality talent who hold our same values.

With the ever-changing technology in our industry, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge so we can deliver you state-of-the-art products. Our professional design experts are highly skilled and knowledgeable of all the latest home decor trends so your real estate marketing looks modern and fresh, while matching the aesthetic of your property.

We are proud to have been at the forefront of virtual staging for 5 years. We’ve successfully placed over 10,000 orders with next day delivery for more than 1,000 of our trusted clients and look forward to serving you this year and beyond!

Virtual staging done right

Our Background

VRX Staging was born from heart of real estate, created by former top selling real estate agents and marketing experts, Seth Greenwell, Nate Strom and Kyle O’Boyle. They created our sister company, VRX Media, when they saw too many listings not getting the professional photography attention they crucially needed. Being avid fans of everything cutting edge, they were determined to bring the most elusive high end luxury technology to the average home listing and to make it affordable. And they did with the best HDR photography, drone imagery and 3D Virtual tours. 

As VRX Media grew, too often we saw our photographers take beautiful photos of empty homes we felt like something was missing-literally! Having a real estate background, we knew how important seeing a furnished home is to any potential buyer but we also knew how many listings couldn’t afford the time consuming route of conventional staging. So once again our passion for real estate and technology overlapped and we created VRX Staging, offering digital staging to any vacant listing.

We knew so many empty listings needed our virtual staging service, not just the ones that used our photography services, so we created VRX Staging as a subset of VRX Media, available to anyone with a need. We’ve staged thousands of photos for agents and homeowners across the U.S. and even throughout the world!

Our Testimonials

“Wow! This is my first time working with you guys and I am blown away. Thank you so much for quality work. We will definitely be doing business again in the future without a doubt.”
Carressa S
“We are so pleased they look awesome and turn around time fantastic.  We can meet our deadline.”
Linda A
“The staging photos are fabulous! Thank you for the quick turnaround!”
Judy S
“The photos are fantastic!”
Jennifer K
“I am simply blown away. These look simply stunning. And I am most appreciative for the extra editing you did in a couple of these photos without the additional charges. They came out beautiful & thank you so much for that.”
Terri H
“Wow! Beautiful job, absolutely perfect!”
Linda P
“Thank you so much for getting these pushed through so quickly!! They look amazing :)…Seller just told me how happy she is with these. If there’s a way for me to gush about how incredibly helpful you have been, please let me know how!”
Joey W

“My clients are very happy, which makes me really happy 😊 …Thanks again & I look forward to using your service for all of my listings going forward.”

Rebecca W
“They are really great, I’m very happy with the work… Also, I just want to express a lot of appreciation for the super quick turnaround – faster than the competition – that’s how I choose you all and I’m glad I did!!”
Deborah J
“You did such a fantastic job.  So impressed.  I emailed all the other agents to let them know about you guys.”
Bruce L

“Thank you so much for your quick and hard work. The seller is very very happy.”

Tricia H

“Simply WOW!”

Andrea T
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