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Why Use Our Virtual Staging Solution?

ONLY $35 per Photo!

We know virtual staging works, because as real estate professionals, we have used virtual staged photographs to increase the marketability of our empty listings and rentals.  No other virtual staging company has United States based designers staging photos, next business day turnaround, our amazing quality, the ability to stage homes, outdoor spaces, window treatments, and even commercial offices. All that for only $35 per photo!

VRX Staging is your “virtual reality” that has become a living reality for all your virtual staging needs. Say goodbye to marketing properties with stale, vacant photos and say hello to VRX Staging. What are you waiting for? Order as many photos as you want staged online, right here, right now!

$35 Per Photo = Order Now
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How do I order online?

Click on any of the order now buttons all over the website. If you want to stage 4 photos for example, add 4 to your cart and go through the checkout process. After you enter payment details you will see upload photo buttons for the 4 you ordered. Upload them by selecting them from your computer or device. You will receive your staged photos the next business day!

What if I want a certain design style?

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We totally understand that every space is unique and most will call for furniture and decorations that fit the space. Our virtual staging team has staged hundreds of photos and do a great job on their own, with little to no direction, BUT if you want a specific style, please describe in the Additional Comments field before finishing your order!

When do I get my photos back?

Your staged photos are sent back the very next business day, Monday-Friday. Not only do we have the quickest turnaround time in the virtual staging world, but our quality and customer service is just as good! Depending on the extent of revisions, you can expect your revised photos by the end of the business day following the day of your request. Questions? Call 1-866-314-1120

What about edits/changes?

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Sellers and agents want their photos to look great both online and on print materials. That is why we allow one free edit/revision request per $35 virtual staged photo. Don’t like the decorations, arrangement, style and/or color of the sofa or dining room table we picked? Let us know and we will fix it for free, and deliver the revised photo the following day!

Can I upload my own photos?

Yes, you can upload your own photos into our virtual staging system. Though VRX Media Group (our parent company) does offer incredible HDR professional real estate photography across the US, we might not be in your area just yet, so upload your own photos, as many as you want staged, right into our system and we will stage them for you!

What quality photos work best?

Even though we allow you to upload your own photos, we recommend you hire a professional. We find images shot in HDR (“bracketed”) from a DSLR with a wide-angle lens where the ceiling, floor, and walls are all visible work the best. Also note, photos over 6MB in file size will not upload, so keep those pic file sizes down (500KB – 2MB work best)! Questions? Call 1-866-314-1120.

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A Few More FAQ Answers Below:

We Love Answering Your Questions and Staging Your Pics!

What if I have more than one photo of the same room? Can you do those too? 2016-12-22T00:34:45+00:00

Yes we can stage the same room from multiple angles, if a room requires additional manipulation will we let you know.  Again, it is $35/per photo, not per room, so if you would like to stage multiple angles, each photo is $35 for us to stage it, even if they are photos of the same room. We also take care to note when a photo may show another area of the home that we also virtually staged, and we do our best to keep the same design pieces in those areas, even if they are in the background.

How many staging photos can I order and do you have discounts? 2016-12-21T17:07:39+00:00

Order 1 photo or 100. Our average order is about 4.5 photos per house/space, but we have seen orders as big as 20 for one house! Typically we see the living room, master bedroom, a guest/office room, dining room, and family/rec rooms staged, but we are able to even stage window treatments, outdoor spaces, put fire into a fireplace along with wood and fireplace tools, and more! So whatever you want staged, just let us know! Our price at $35/photo with a next business day turnaround is UNHEARD of in the virtual staging sphere. Our everyday price is a huge discount…but 1 or 2x a year we may run promo codes for discounts, so keep your eye on your email.

Where can I use the staged photos and are they mine to keep forever? 2016-12-21T16:58:42+00:00

Use the photos wherever and however you desire. They were yours when you uploaded them (right?) to us to have them virtually staged and they are yours when we send them back to you. Keep them as long as you like, show future clients how you list vacant spaces and why virtually staging them gets them noticed and sold/rented faster!

What about changing paint, adding/swapping floor types, changing appliances? 2017-04-26T22:28:53+00:00

Any special modifications need to be reviewed and approved by our team first, so please email us at info@vrxstaging.com. Specially edited photos are not subject to the $35 per photo cost or next business day delivery. Please also consider that most MLS and listing sites won’t allow these types of changes to the underlying portions of the property and photo unless you clearly note that the pictures were heavily modified and DO NOT represent the actual space. Virtual staging is a little different than doing this type of work because our virtual staging is of belongings and decor that are not “hard” parts of the space. We always say “do these changes at your own risk”, and be very mindful of your local MLS rules and client perceptions of these types of changes.

Can you do furniture replacement and decluttering? 2017-04-26T22:30:18+00:00

If desired, we can replace and remove selected furniture. Any special modifications need to be reviewed and approved by our team first, so please email us at info@vrxstaging.com. Specially edited photos are not subject to the $35 per photo cost or next business day delivery.

A Gallery of Before / After Examples


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We Even Virtual Stage Outdoor Spaces!



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Disclaimers & Privacy Policy

Limit one coupon code per order. Minimum of 3 photos required for use of free staged photo coupon code.

A $15 fee will be applied to stage a new photo being swapped out for the original sent to us. This includes exchanging a photo of one room for a different room, exchanging one view/angle of a room for a different view/angle of the same room and for switching a low-resolution file for the high-resolution file so please make sure that you upload the correct photos.


The $35 staging fee does not include any special editing such as furniture removal or any modification to the walls/floors. Please send an email inquiry for these services to info@vxstaging.com, or call 1-866-314-1120.

If you are looking for any special photo modifications or editing please email us at info@vrxstaging.com with the photos and a description of your desired modification(s). The photos will be reviewed and if our team can make the modifications we will email you back with cost and timeline for the work. Please note that the minimum cost for a modified photo is $70 and that any modified photos are not subject to next business day delivery.

If you are unsure which pictures would be the best for staging you can email all the photos directly to us at info@vrxstaging.com and our team will select the best photos. Want to speak with someone, call one of our US interior designers 1-866-314-1120.

Feel free to email any questions or concerns to us at info@vrxstaging.com

VRX Staging reserves the right to use any photos for marketing purposes including any and all social media services.

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