Policies & Disclaimers

Have further questions? Please contact us.

  • Coupons

    Limit one coupon code per order. Don’t have a coupon? Email the staging team at info@vrxstaging.com to find out what the current promotion is!

  • Payment

    Since you’ll have full access to your staged photographs as soon as we email them out to you, we require payment upfront. We do offer a full refund if requested.*PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR ORDER MAY APPEAR IN YOUR SPAM FOLDER. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN EMAIL NOTIFYING YOU THAT YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN COMPLETED BUT YOU ARE NOT SEEING YOUR PHOTOS, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

  • Refund

    We will always offer a full refund upon request however we ask that you let us revise the photos at least once prior to requesting a refund. If we feel that you have abused our refund policy, we may deny any future orders or may only issue a partial refund.

  • Revisions

    We offer unlimited free revisions within reason, if you are unhappy with the results of our virtual staging designs after multiple (3+) revisions, we may refuse further revisions if it seems the requests are unreasonable.

  • Photo Modifications

    The virtual staging fee does not include any special editing such as furniture removal or any modification to the walls/floors. An additional fee applies to any other service beyond virtual staging of a photograph. Please send an email inquiry for these services to info@vrxstaging.com,view our other services or call 1-866-314-1120. 

  • Using your photos in MLS

    The majority of MLS systems accept virtually staged photographs but it is your responsibility to be aware of your local MLS guidelines and policies. We provide two copies of each photograph we stage; one copy will have a text disclosure on the upper left hand corner of the photograph that says “Virtually Staged” and the second copy has no text. We recommend that you use the text copies in your MLS, if you don’t it is your responsibility to disclose in every photo title/description that the photo has been virtually staged. VRX Staging is not responsible for sizing or uploading any virtually staged photos to the MLS on your behalf. Our program does sometimes shrink the size of the photograph but we never alter the ratio or resolution.

  • Copyright

    VRX Staging reserves the right to use any photos for marketing purposes including on any and all VRX Staging social media pages.